Ok so if you're anything like me, the MET gala is really the only night of the year where I really care about what celebrities are wearing. By now we all know that the Oscars are too dressy, the Grammys are too confused and the VMAs are.... well, the VMAs. People say that the MET Gala isn't an awards night (and I guess they're technically right) but the morning after, when all the photos are posted, we all know that there are definite winners and losers. FASHION winners and losers!

This year's theme is "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion"- (btw a 'lexicon' means a 'vocabulary'). Gotta say that the way this theme is worded makes me think that they're hoping for a more political interpretation of America... which is fine. It just seems to be a very pointed time to pull something like this. After all the events that have occurred since March 2020 it's honestly a pretty risky decision. Luckily for everyone it seems that the MET only invites liberals to these kinds of events. I doubt that there will be any major issues but I hope everyone approaches the theme with taste. If anyone shows up in a KKK hood, even as satire, we WILL be talking about it.

Of course there are many directions to go in, political or not. However if any thin, white, model-types (I'm looking at you Karlie Kloss) show up in a black Calvin Klein gown or totes ANYTHING by Michael Kors... they'll be on my hit list for sure. I do like the direction that Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs have been going in, so those are the two major American designers I will let slide. (To be honest I spent about 30 minutes in the POLO store with my boyfriend and I was very impressed with the spring collection, embroidered teddy bears and colorful quilted jackets for all!)

However if any celebrity decides to support a smaller American designer I'm here for it. I'd love to see something by Nicole McLaughlin! But again I must reiterate, the MET Gala is not a night for long simple safe gowns. You can wear those to literally ANY other event of the year. And I'm cancelling anyone that wears an American flag. I really need to see some creativity here! Which brings us to my next point:

There are SO many different facets of American culture to explore, I've made a list of different aesthetics to draw inspiration from this year:

-Cowboy/Wild west (this is definitely going to make an appearance, anyone born after 1997 will most likely be trying to pull this off. In my opinion it's a bit of a cop-out considering cowboy culture had its moment in 2019).

-20s/30s/40s/50s (For the more creative types that actually want to push the definition of American fashion).

-60s/70s/80s/90s/00s (Cute also a bit of a cop-out, can border on cheap due to how often I see these trends on my IG explore page).

-American Cosplay (Think Paul Revere, Andy Warhol, JFK, Audrey Hepburn, Paris Hilton... cute but doesn't require too much effort. Still prefer this to just wearing an American designer).

-FAST FASION (Ok this leans into the political side of things but this is what I would wear- imagine me in a high-neck gown with a train, quilted out of Shein, Zaful, F21, and H&M... ICONIC! If anyone did this I would die. A similar route would be pulling out American "trends" and wearing them in an interesting way... think Crocs, Uggs, etc).

-Stereotyping (I would love to see this one I think it could get pretty campy, dressing up as a valley girl, a redneck, a Miami-style coke dealer or a douchey Hamptons Househusband. So good and could be done really well if the celebrity is an actor/comedian).

-Internet culture (This would be hard to pull off but I'd love to see an interpretation of the internet as fashion. TBH I think this catagory would have to be a year on it's own. Way too many choices but so many good ideas here).

Anywaysss there's my two cents on the MET gala this year, I'm not super excited to see more masks on the red carpet but obviously they will be there. I'm so ready to see people's entire faces and makeup again! And don't masks make it soo difficult to accessorize? Even today I had to take off my cute pink plastic-y tarot card earrings because they were just too annoying to deal with the mask. Whatever.

My recommendations for the week!:

The ARTSY App. I have friends that love this app and absolutely hate it. I for one am very into it, I think that the layout is clean and it's a great way to gossip about what artists are selling their work for farrr too much and what galleries are showing. My favorite galleries to follow are the Samuel Owen Gallery (Nantucket), DTR Modern Gallery (Boston) and PACE Prints (NYC). You can also follow artists you like and view a gallery map! Chic.

AYESIA EROTICA!! The queen herself is FINALLY off Soundcloud and on Spotify!! It's about damn time. This literal legend is the epitome of Y2K camp, all cocaine and hot pink and glitter. Definitely give her a listen next time you pregame your pregame.

DAZED Magazine: Wow I've fallen in love with the Dazed and Confused magazine. They come out quarterly and I just finished my first issue, they touched on Gossip Girl, Hyperpop, Murakami, and Monoliths. All of my fav things! Plus the cover is so chic it looks great on a coffee table.

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