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Daisy St. Sauveur

Painter and Mixed Media Artist

Daisy St. Sauveur is a painter and mixed-media artist working in Brooklyn, New York. In 2019, she graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in 2D Fine Art while focusing on traditional printmaking. St. Sauveur works with various media to contextualize tradition in an era of instant gratification. Her portfolio deals with themes related to transition, control, and self-medication.

St. Sauveur’s work combines acrylic paint, graphite, and oil pastel to create an impulsive and dissociative landscape. The looseness of the paint seeps through crudely drawn grids in an attempt to maintain chaotic nests of child-like marks. St. Sauveur explores the disorienting time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next,’ and grapples with how to acclimate into that progression. These visual elements are trapped within a permanent plane of transition, and the work's underlying message appears as a lifetime of surviving inevitable change.

St. Sauveur’s artwork poses the question: As we continue living through an era defined by rapid transitional space, how do we cope with mourning memory and braving the new? 

daisy st sauveur

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