Daisy St Sauveur

Painter and Printmaker

Daisy St. Sauveur is a printmaker and painter living in Boston, MA. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a bachelor of 2D fine art in 2019. She works with various media to contextualize tradition in an era of materialism and nostalgia. She plays with bright colors and recognizable symbols to make her work more accessible to those who are not typically interested in art. Her work is inspired by pop culture trends, liminality, and transitional spaces. Her art is a reflection of what St. Sauveur wants her life to look like: unpredictable, intense, and memorable.

St. Sauveur works in acrylic, graphite, screenprint, and oil pastel to create impulsive, layered, dream-like imagery. As an artist born into the first year of Generation Z, she wants her art to draw inspiration from places and trends that have been long forgotten. Obsessed with memories of her own childhood, Daisy tries to piece together vague shapes and symbols from liminal spaces and forgotten periods of time. Transparencies, scribbles, windows, and tropical flowers bloom within the frame of each work. Every candy-colored square contains its own world of rules and patterns, sliding in and out of frame and context. The work isn’t supposed to make logical sense,   smiley faces and moons sit on top of bits of architecture while abstract shapes seem to phase in and out of each other- not a measured line in sight.

Daisy is fascinated by the nature of fads- how quickly American culture shifts from obsession to obsession, completely disregarding what is no longer on-trend. Her work combines materialistic mania with the nostalgia that comes with visiting one’s hometown. However, the things that define Daisy’s generation- pop culture, bright colors, technology, and materialism—are, in fact, not fads but instead important concepts that continue to evolve in life today. St. Sauveur’s artwork poses the question: As we near a new decade of the 2020s, how do we continue to intertwine the old with the new?

daisy st sauveur